THE FORUM RULES!!! Read before you even think about posting.

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THE FORUM RULES!!! Read before you even think about posting.

Postby ARMNhammer on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:40 pm

Here are some of the rules we would like you to follow...when more are thought up,we will post them...This is mainly meant for the new people...please follow these rules,if you have any questions,jut PM one of the mods..

1. please search before you make any new threads.(this way we dont have to keep repeating ourselves,and this way you will receive the info you need right away,and also this way all the info is in one spot instead of spread out into 5 different threads for the same topic..)

2. NO name droping at all!! if you drop names,it will be edited by a mod,if you keep nameing names,you will have to then deal with armn....(and he we decide what needs to be done.)

3. Dont post stupid pointless stuff!!

4. If you want to show pics of your work,then send it to the photo bot,(if you choose to post them on your own you can at your own risk,but the photo bot is a much safer way..)

5. Dont front!! if your new in this game,dont act like your oldschool...

6. Don't Talk About Where You Rack Or Your Racking Tactics, You Should Be Keeping Those Secret So You Don't Blow Up Your Spot!

7. Don't Talk About Where You Paint. Ever. IE- " Does Anyone Have Flicks Of The **th Street Bridge Downtown?"

More will be added soon....
If you think of any,PM me or one the mods and we will then add it to this list.. thread will be locked so that only the mods can add to this list...
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